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Yachting Rope / Race Line / V-profi rope (race) - 12 mm - 100 meter spool

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Racing line V-PROFI

This excellent rope exhibits outstanding strength, low elongation and, moreover, the unique property of Vectran – minimum cold creep. Thanks to those properties, V-PROFI is exceptionally fitting for all halyards and backstays. The inner cover made of polyester staple fibre prevents the relative movement of the cover towards the core. The cover made of low abrasive polyester fibre endows the rope with outstanding abrasion resistance and long life. V-PROFI resists to elevated temperatures very well and retains the 100% functionality throughout its entire life.

Construction: Double braided rope
Core: 100% Vectran fibre, braided
Inner Cover: Polyester staple
Outer Cover: Polyester