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Outdoor Centre in a nutshell...

At the Outdoor Centre Sdn Bhd we consider ourselves to be a professional and established Outdoor Gear, Camping / Adventure Gear, Work at Height Gear & Climbing equipment reseller. 

Our Climbing Gear brands range from Tendon Static & Dynamic Ropes, KONG Climbing Equipment to Bufo Climbing Shoes, etc..

You can consult the brands we offer right here.

Outdoor Sports & Recreation

We offer a wide range of more than 3000 types and models of Technical Equipment. As a company we have been servicing 3 major groups of Enthusiasts and Professionals in the category of  Outdoor Sports & Recreation

  • General Outdoor Activities & Pursuits
  • Recreational Sports & Rock Climbing
  • 4 x4 Overland Expeditions & Offroading

Is quality important? 

Yes, course... To give you an example... Our waterproof BEAUME shoes are a must to give you the comfort of streetshoes while trekking through mountainous terrain. 

As for the survival and rescue knives by COLD STEEL; these are indispensable on the field. The same goes for other sets of multi-tools packed into slim credit card shapes from Tool Logic.

Midway up a vertical wall; the harness, carabiners or ropes must deliver full performance & reliability. Your life depends on the quality of your climbing equipment and how you use it!.
In general; if the products are European or USA brand, they should be engineered and built to meet the highest safety standards of the EU and UIAA. Thus you are in good hands. 

At the Outdoor Centre, we have just the right gear for you. Just name it!

 Sports & Leisure brands available at the Outdoor Centre S/B