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UPDATE LOG (what is new in this website):


6 May 2016: Lanex Yachting Ropes updated. 

6 May 2016: Certification links added - UIAA, EN, UL, NFPASIRIM 

5 May 0 2016: Updated a number or Safetec Lanyards & Ropes. More detailed of the products were added. In this way you get to see the real product up close.

5 May - 2016: - will directly load all Tendon Products. Easy. Same goes for -

3 May - 2016: You can now receive tweets with updates from us @ODC - Tweet us @MyOutdoorCentre. Right here Everytime we update something we will tweet it.

2 May - 2016: A number of Tendon Dynamic & Static Ropes updated (ready stock available).

28 April - 2016: Safetec Harnesses, Combo Sets updated.

28 April - 2016 - The order cart system is operational. you can now pre-order your items and see prices online for certain items. For the items that don't have pricing you can send an inquiry. We look forward to your questions.

28 April - 2016 - Signin and Registration System for ODC members is full activated. Sign up today! Member will get certain benefits and maybe a discount once in a while on certain products :) 

28 April - 2016 - Explorer Head Lamps online. + Order bungees online :) 

28 April 2016 - Safetec Producs Prices are put online.

27 April 2016 Kong Speleo Stairs online. 

26 April 2016 - We have updated the Cold Steel Fixed Blade Outdoor & Survival Knives on our ODC web. Click here. Every time from now onwards we will mention the pages that we have updated here.

22 April 2016 - The Outdoor Centre S/B was with the Tendon Brand on the DSA 2016 - Defense Services Asia 15th Fair in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 18 April till 21 April 2016. We thank you for your visit. Best Regards. The Outdoor Centre Tendon Team.