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TENDON is a young but well-known and globally successful brand of static and dynamic ropes. Thanks to the TENDON know-how and the long-term cooperation with universities, research institutes and certified laboratories as well as Tendon's continuous investing in development and modernization of equipment, TENDON became a supplier to the most demanding clients in the world.

TENDON is one of the leading world manufacturers on the market of mountaineering equipment and personal protective equipment for work at height, for military purposes, and for rescue activities.

During the years of its existence, Tendon established itself as a professional and innovative brand.  

All the TENDON high-performance and innovative products are being developed and produced in the Czech Republic and are certified and in full conformity with international safety standards of the European Union.



Outdoor Centre Sdn Bhd

We are the distributor of Tendon in Malaysia. The Tendon is equipment is indispensable for climbing activities, hiking, mountaineering, work at height, working on telecom towers. There are also tactical and military applications.

We are an Outdoor equipment outfitter. Providing the right type of rope for you is crucial for us and the success of your rope usage.



" Kernmantle rope is rope constructed with its interior core (the kern) protected by a woven exterior sheath (mantle) designed to optimize strength, durability, and flexibility. The core fibers provide the tensile strength of the rope, while the sheath protects the core from abrasion during use. The name is derived from the German words Kern and Mantel, which mean core and jacket."




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