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Need help cleaning up all this broken glass Seeking Sex

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Need help cleaning up all this broken glass

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Follow along to learn these three simple steps and one llittle-known secret to secure all the broken glass, slivers included, in an easy, safe and jiffy manner.

First, haul out your best vacuum cleaner to begin the process.

Start vacuuming the broken pieces of glass from the outside of the mess toward the center where the item first fell and broke. If any broken pieces are too large for the vacuum hose push them aside using the nozzle at the end of the hose.

We will tackle the larger pieces in the next step. A bit of caution is it order here as you may need to replace your vacuum bag if it has one.

The glass can cut a paper bag making it useless for picking up dirt. I had to learn this lesson the hard way after many years because I managed somehow to badly cut my fingers on a broken thos of glass.

G,ass can usually find an inexpensive pair relaxing on a shelf at your local drugstore or supermarket. Use an ordinary broom to sweep the pieces of glass into a pile then sweep the pile onto a dustpan before dumping the pieces into the trash can. Sweep from the outside toward the center where the glass item first crashed and broke.

This helps to contain the area instead of cleaninh it around making it easier to clean. Common sense dictates you sweep gently as you gather the broken pieces into a pile for an easy sweep and scoop onto the dust pan. Fast sweeping will only create a greater mess.

The damp paper towel will allow clenaing to get all of those smaller, nearly invisible slivers of glass that are so hard to see and pick up. By dampening the towel, the glass cuts into and clings to the wet paper making it easier to pick up and at the same time ensuring the smallest pieces get picked up.

Simply tear off three or four sheets from your roll and loosely crumble it in your hand before you gently run some cold water on the crumbled paper towels.

You want the whole towel to be damp but not soggy wet.

The trick is to use just enough water to get it damp but not over wet it but if you get it too wet squeeze it as gently as possible to Granny t girls it rung out.

Work in a circular motion starting from the outside working toward the center as before. I usually catch the glass before it hits the floor, well almost always.

Oh yeah, I remember now, it was a plastic cup. Now I suppose Brokrn need to share how to clean up a grape juice spill.

But that would be for another article. Leave a comment Cancel reply Name.