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Morakniv been part of the Swedish handicraft tradition since 1891. For more than 125 years we’ve manufactured knives for all kinds of people. For craftsmen always on the look out for their next building project, for home chefs who enjoy cooking dinner for their friends and family, for scouts who are always ready, for nature lovers who long for peace and quiet.  A Morakniv knife is always made in Mora, and each knife that leaves our factory holds the traditions and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years. And each knife is made to the highest quality so you can rest assured that your Morakniv knife is always there for you. It also holds those cherished memories of childhood adventures, and your hopes of memories still to be made. That’s why Morakniv is always a part of you. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Made for you in Mora, Sweden since 1891 Our factory is located in Mora – just as it was a century ago. This is where we manufacture all our knives using a combination of craftsmen skills and modern technology. Design, material and methods are all constantly refined by staff who have inherited generations of professional knowledge. This can be seen in our long tradition of making top quality knives for the food industry. Morakniv has always been a universal tool with unique properties. The durable steel is hardened in Mora using a secret recipe. The knife edge has a grind that ensures it remains extremely sharp under frequent use over a long period of time. The tapered profile, coiled handle, balance and feel, power and precision are qualities that make the knife a natural companion in the forest. Now we have taken the properties developed for the campfire and adapted them for the modern kitchen’s needs. The result is a series of beautiful and timeless kitchen knives and a set of matching accessories, all produced in Mora with the user in mind.